Graphic Design

From logos and corporate identity, to brochures, publications, cards & banners,  graphic design and print design services will make your business or organization look great and get your message across clearly and concisely. We will work closely with you to develop your corporate image & graphic design / print design strategy.

LaFlyer also provides technical editing and developmental editing. We have competency in a variety of technical and medical fields at the doctoral level. We also have staff who have doctorates in English and specialize in technical writing.


IK Printing and Marketing Solutions has automatic folding machines that are capable of creating almost any fold you will want for your printed pieces. However, attempting to describe a particular fold is often frustrating for all concerned.

Types of folding available / for custom or other folding ask for details

Half fold / Tri fold / Accordion Fold / Z Fold / Roll Fold / Double Parallel and more

Set up Fee:  $35.00
For Every 1000 $12.00
Quantities over 25,000 For Every 1000  $10.00

The best way to ensure that we can produce the type of fold you are requesting is to provide us with a folding dummy (a paper folded in the same manner you want your final piece to be folded). Also, using standard names for folds will help keep communications clear.

Die Cut

Finish your job with a steel “cookie cutter,” built into maple plywood, used to individually cut prints into the final product.
Custom Die Cut Available, ask for details

Set up Fee:  $35.00
For Every 1000 $9.00


Cutting is a new custom option that has just recently been made available to the public. So, if you invest in this custom enhancement, you will be among the few people who have them. This will really set you apart from all the multitudes of companies without unique die cuts. As any business owner knows, any method that can be used to set you apart from the competition will increase profits, so make the choice to have die cut cards created through IK Printing and Marketing Solutions

Custom Cut

A cost-effective way to create custom graphics. Designs are priced according to square inch dimensions. Simply send us your art and we’ll produce it. Choose from a variety of custom design options.

Foil Stamping

Jewel-like look for lettering on your business card or folder? That’s foil stamping and we love it, too. Not only for its shiny quality, but also for the slight emboss that occurs when the image is stamped on paper. Foil provides an elegance that can’t be achieved any other way. We provide it alongside our other print services as an important specialty product.


When you need to fold a printed project that is on heavier card stocks of paper, we suggest you have it scored. Scoring puts a groove in the paper that ensures the fold is accurate and doesn’t damage the ink or paper.


You can number your flyers, with a consecutive number for your invoices, receipts, etc


Perforating is a finishing service that allows your customers to easily remove an insert or a portion of your printed piece. Quite often, perforating is used to encourage your recipients to remove response cards, feedback forms and coupons from catalogs and direct mailers. This service may also be used for stand-alone print projects such as flyers printed on cardstock.

When you order IK Printing and Marketing Solutions  perforating service, you can decide how easily you want your pieces to separate. We can make recommendations based on what your printed project will be used for and how it will be delivered. For example, a direct mailer with a perforated portion will be handled differently than a perforated form that isn’t mailed.

Set up Fee:  $35.00
For Every 1000 $9.00

Door To Door Distribution

When you need to reach a targeted audience with promotional material, we have the perfect solution with LA Flyer Door to Door. With years of experience in leaflet, catalogue, brochure and flyer distribution, we have all the tools you need to make your advertising campaign successful.